Power as a service

Lifesaver supply a circular power bank rental service using machines. Service can be free or paid for to the user.

Fully charged power banks

Lifesaver supply pre-charged power banks (new and used units for swaps). Units will be charged from a 100% renewable source.

Unlimited swaps 24/7

Users get unlimited swaps for FREE by returning empty Lifesaver to a machine 24/7 365 days.

Branded sleeve

Lifesaver power bank comes in a branded sleeve.

Revenue share

Venue to receive % revenue share from any rental or deposit income (after 72hrs).

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Phone power



POWER 24/7

Our machines allow users to buy, rent, swap or return a Lifesaver power bank 24/7.

A British Story

Lifesaver are a UK Export Champion 2021 & 2022 who have designed a unique machine (made in Europe) to keep people powered 24/7 while giving them the limitless value of a sustainable product.


Our machine can work off-grid with no power supply.


The machine can be vinyl wrapped & UX customised.


Swap your empty Lifesaver for a full one for FREE.


No app required. Just tap card, collect Lifesaver & charge on the go.

A sustainable product



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Power For Good

We are a certified B-Corp on a mission to create fairer, cleaner & circular power for people & planet.


Fair wages (above living wage). Fair cobalt.


We charge all our units with 100% renewable energy before an event, saving 13 grams of co2 per charge.


Over 50% of users return their power bank allowing us to recharge and reuse.

A British Original

A happy customer explaining the service at Badminton Horse Trials.

Trusted by the best

Music festivals, sporting events, venues to brands

Branded for you

Our service can be fully branded to share your story.

The O2 Arena

Keeping attendees powered from kiosks, machines and mobile roamers