Keeping festival goers


Lifesaver x EE power Glastonbury

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Power as a service

Lifesaver will supply a circular power bank rental service using people and machines.

22,000 power banks

Lifesaver to supply 22,000 pre-charged power banks (new and used units for swaps). Units will be charged from a 100% renewable source and sleeved prior to the event.

Unlimited swaps 24/7

Lifesaver to supply 5x machines that allow swaps and returns 24/7. Machines can be vinyl branded to EE requirements.

Branded sleeve

Lifesaver power bank to be sold in an EE designed sleeve.

Payment process

Lifesaver to supply hardware to enable users to rent a power bank through a deposit scheme. Lifesaver to manage this process and honour returns 5 days post event (not advertised).

Revenue share

Havas/EE to receive 15% revenue share from any rental or deposit income.


Additional assets that can be supplied


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Machines will allow users to swap and return power banks 24/7. These can be restocked from behind so staff can access to restock invisibly.

Branded sleeve examples

The Open

Working with the R&A to keep attendees powered over the course of the The Open week. Distribution from fixed kiosks, static & mobile roamers. We delivered around 20k charges during the week.

Badminton 2022

One of many happy users explaining the service

What users told us