2 year warranty If your product is within the 2 year warranty send to: "Freepost LIFESAVER" (this is pre-paid, just write on an envelope) Please include: 1) Receipt of purchase (including transaction ID) 2) Your name 3) Contact details (mobile no. & email) 4) Return address (for replacement) or bank details (for refund) Return Policy 1. In-warranty service return: As a consumer, you will always have the legal rights in relation to products that are defective or not in conformity to the terms of sales. Products that malfunction or become defective within the warranty period of 2 years shall be eligible for in-warranty service. If malfunction or defects occur in-warranty, Lifesaver will repair or replace, at its sole option and free of charge, any products that are defective or malfunctioning during normal usage. If the products cannot be repaired or replaced, Lifesaver shall refund the products fully. 2. Out-of-warranty service return: Products are considered out-of-warranty if the malfunction or defects occur after the warranty period has expired or where a warranty exclusion applies. In this case, Lifesaver will inform you of the availability, price, and other conditions applicable to out-of-warranty service of the products. Lifesaver will look to replace the product free of charge where possible (at its sole discretion), otherwise the returned unit will be recycled.

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