Power as a Service

a circular portable phone charging service to reduce battery waste like the milkman but power banks instead of milk bottles.


Our machines allow users to buy, rent, swap or return a Lifesaver power bank 24/7.

A Lifesaver

Our power banks are pre-charged from 100% renewable energy, saving 13 grams co2 each charge.

Branded sleeve

Lifesaver power bank comes in a branded sleeve to support story telling. Can be custom branded for sponsors.

Vending Machine

Lifesaver are a UK Export Champion 2021, 2022, 2023 who have designed a unique machine (made in Europe) to keep people powered 24/7 while giving them the limitless value of a sustainable product.


All power banks are charged with renewable energy, saving 13 grams of co2 per charge.


The machine can be vinyl wrapped & screen colours customised.


Swap your empty Lifesaver for a full one 24/7 at any machine.


No app required. Just tap card, collect Lifesaver & charge on the go.


Our power banks aren't in the cloud or exposed to vandals. They are locked (with a key) and stacked inside, ready to keep users going.


Users don't get a dirty one. Lifesaver check, charge & clean every power bank ready for the user.

Unlimited swaps

Users get unlimited swaps by returning an empty Lifesaver 24/7 to any machine.

The O2 Arena

Keeping attendees powered from kiosks, machines and mobile roamers

A sustainable product


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Trusted by the best

Music festivals, sporting events, venues to brands

Power For Good

We are a certified B-Corp on a mission to create fairer, cleaner & circular power for people & planet.


Fair wages (above living wage). Fair cobalt.


We charge all our units with 100% renewable energy before an event, saving 13 grams of co2 per charge.


Over 50% of users return their power bank allowing us to recharge and reuse.

Branded for you

Our service can be fully branded to share your story.